IBIZA, Mai 2018 – Yoga & Healing Retreat


We are very happy to announce that this Retreat in May is fully booked. 
The next retreat in Ibiza will be in September 18.

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 19. Mai – 26. Mai 2018


„Love is not an emotion, it is your very existance.“ RUMI


Dive into a nourishing and powerful 7-Day-Process experiencing yourself on different levels in a beautiful surrounding of the Casa Corazon and Ibiza Island. The wholistic offers of daily mindful yoga & meditation, empowering self-discovery workshops, plus the professional therapeutic accompany, will help you to still the mind and embrace your inner voice of wisdom and reconnect with your higher (soul)purpose. You will got the chance to make an inventory of your most important life areas and after gently declutter what no longer serves you, to set healthy intentions and roots for long-lasting, loving actions and so healthy habits in your daily life and personal relationship(s).


The theme for the whole retreat is our worthiness, within we cultivate a loving approach and attitude by embracing ourselves fully and all our potentials and possibilities as human being. This practical path will support your understanding and awareness in future. It allows you to feel your purpose and to express yourself more safe and authentically from the space of your heart. So often we carry unconsciously old emotional and energetical bagagge of unpleasent experiences with us, which reduce our self-esteem, strength and light, and prevent us though from inner satisfaction, emotional stability and love. In a climate of mindfulness and appreciation, the inner work will help you to recognize and release past wounds, clear limiting believes about yourself and relieve usual patterns of stress and fear. In a space of a beautiful calm surrounding and precious time for yourself, you will honour and appreciate the potential of your „holy 3“ as body, mind and soul, as well as the present, the past and blessed future. Besides our offerings you will have enough time for enjoying yourself, sharing quality-time with others, journaling etc.

You will benefit from different healing approches and therapeutical tools you can use further on for your self-healing, as EFT (Meridian Tapping Technique), work with your Inner Child and more. To complete the package, every participant will got some print hand outs to integrate the juice of the retreat and some simple reminders and exercises for the daily life.    


This retreat is for you, if:

  • you grasp a more and long-lasting happy and healthy lifestyle
  • you struggle with emotional or psychological issues and looking for release and empowering exercises & approaches to create more trust, security and love inside
  • you are going through a personal growing process or some fatigue and need some time of leasure, movement, commitment, rituals, time of stilleness, joy and inner work to gain more clarity, emptiness and space for new ... whatever it it might be...
  • you need a pause of their busy life and would like to slow-down, enjoy and step into a deeper spiritual practice and alignment with your soulwisdom
  • you are seeking for self-realization and inner truth
  • you are looking for a fresh opportunity to have a joyful time and get immersed with your yoga & meditation practice


Our retreats are for up to 12 people to guarantee personalized assistance and to enjoy a family atmosphere! If you resonate with our offer, we would be very happy to welcome and comfort you!
Ingrid, Ixtaly and Sabina

All Levels
Language: English & German


What is included in the YOGA & HEALING RETREAT-PACKAGE:

  • A mindful attention of your needs the whole days
  • Daily Mindful & Restorative Yoga Classes
  • Daily Meditation Practice (different Meditation Styles)
  • Empowering Self-Disovery & Healing Workshops
  • Sharing Circles & Talks
  • Mandala Art & Art Therapy
  • Silent Day
  • Beach Walk, Sunset Benirras
  • 7 Nights Accomodation
  • Vegetarian Food (Breakfast & Lunch & Dinner and Healthy Snacks, Tea, Water inbeteween)


What is not included in the YOGA & HEALING RETREAT-PACKAGE:

  • The Flight to Ibiza and back and the transfer to the Casa Corazon in Santa Getrudis. Its possible to book a shuttle from the Airport. We will help you to take a shuttle together with other participants, if possible.

Personal Healing Sessions / Life-Coaching / Holistic & Integrative Therapie / Systemic Counseling / Massage and Energy Healing are optional and can be booked on request.



„Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.
Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure...“

Marianne Williamson






During this retreat we will stay in the magical Casa Corazon. In this surrounding of natural beauty and the silence of Ibizas outback it is easy to relax and to reveal the core of being in presence with the moment. Each room is filled with love and yes – with hearts – no words to add. Different chill-out zones offering space for privacy and release. The heart of the Casa, the pool, invites you to reintegrate and to refresh your soul inbetween the yoga lessons and healing work. Pura Vida!







Ingrid Christiansen

Ingrid is a certificated yoga teacher and has been also a holistic masseur for the last ten years on the Island of Ibiza. She has participated in many spiritual retreats and energetic healing courses such as Reiki, cellular memory, massage therapy, frequencies of brilliance, rebirthing and breathworks. Her teaching flows between the dynamic yang practices of Vinyasa and Hatha Yoga and to release and let go, Ingrid like to share the Yin Yoga in the afternoon. "My primary objective", says Ingrid, "besides turning more and more people on to a healthier, more peaceful and self loving lifestyle that continually challenges them to grow, is to teach a system of exercise that fully integrates the body, mind, and spirit"


Sabina Ahmetspahic

"The primal intention in my work is to inspire and support my clients and participants to adopt a mindful and compassionate self-perception and approach towards themselves. By opening a field for a deeper understanding they will be more and more enabled to reconnect with their true and full potential. My aspiration is to empower humans to live a self-determined life. As a healing-catalyst I offer a space in which emotional wounds, unfavorable and unconscious cognitions, behaviour patterns
or beliefs can be recognized as a part of their individual life-story and can be released and transformed in order to gain and increase self-awareness, personal freedom and more fulfilling quality of life." Sabina works in her own practice in Berlin and provides an integrative approach of holistic psychotherapy, mentoring and energetical healing work.

Foto@Grit Siwonia








Our offer for the fully Yoga Retreat Package incl. the accomodation and full board:

EARLY BIRD, till the 28.02.18

Double Room – Suite: 880,- €
Single Room – Shared Bath: 1080,- €
Single Room – Suite: 1160,- €

REGULAR, from the 1st. of March 2018
Double Room – Suite: 980,- €
Single Room – Shared Bath: 1160,- €
Single Room – Suite: 1260,- €

The Casa Corazon offers 8 different rooms and each one has its unique beauty.


RABATT:  You will receive a discount of 100 € Rabatt in total, if you come in twos. Maybe you have a good friend or familymember in you mind you want to share quality-time.


The places are limited to 12 persons.

  • The reservation will be valid after we have received your application via E-mail and the  prepayment of 50% of the total Retreat fee.
  • The remainder of the total sum has to be paid two weeks before the Retreat starts or alternatively at the arrival day.
  • The deposit will only be refunded when written notice of cancellation is given 30 days before the Retreat starts.
  • With your E-mail registration and booking, you confirm and agree automatically with our terms regarding the reservation and cancellation conditions.

AFTERCARE: If you need aftercare in your process after the retreat, let us know. Settings via Skype are possible.



For any further questions please don't hesitate to contact us. Ingrid Christiansen, Ixtaly Nagual and I are looking forward with excitment to invite you and your soul for a refreshing and enlightend experience during these days on the magical Island of Ibiza – Santa Gertrudis.


We are looking forward to a joyful time together!


Ingrid Christiansen: iniac81@hotmail.com, www.solaryogaretreats.com

Sabina Ahmetspahic: welcome@seigutzudirselbst.de, www.seigutzudirselbst.de

Much Love


Mobile: +490759221161






"AWESOME! I got more then expected!"

Anke Dorow

"Die Insel, das Retreat hat mir erfolgreich den Kopf verdreht, mir eine unglaubliche Chance zur Transformation geschenkt. Ich bin beeindruckt, zumal ich jemand bin, der nicht gleich ins Schwelgen rutscht...Eine Reise in eine andere Welt. Sonne, Strand und Meer, Heilung, Magie...und fit wird man auch noch. Ich kann es nur weiterempfehlen! Ich habe weit mehr erhalten, als was ich erwartet habe. Ich komme wieder! Viva la vida!"
Susana Pezzuto

„It was unbelievable fantastic, couldn‘t have been any better.
All my expectations and even more were fullfi lled.
Great place, amazing people, fantastic teachers!
Perfect for healing soul, body and mind and to fi nd itself.
Ingrid and Sabina are so lovely, very good and deep in what they do and full of
love. Thank you so much!“

Matthias Bittorf